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  • Cartrix Time Machine

    Thanks Scott for these wonderfully tuned classics.


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    Oh man! So cool!
    Mike - Galena Ohio

    "When you're back there with the squirrels, you're bound to get your nuts cracked." - Graham Rahal


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      Some of the most eye pleasing and fun to run cars. The history behind the 1:1’s and being able to enjoy them in scale is…well…just outstanding! Oh, and the video ain’t too shabby!
      Scott.....War Eagle River......Tampa, Florida, USA


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        I love Cartrix cars, just can't afford them. A friend of mine has about 24 of them and we race them on a Carrara track. I think all he did was change the rear tires. It's a blast.
        Butch Dunaway
        Oxford, Ohio


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          Pretty cool, and it scoots right along.
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            Yep. The best motor by far for that series is the good ol' NC-1. Some silky gears and just a little well-placed weight makes them great. Get crazy and improve axles and bushings and you're ready for the most fun racing I know.


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              I love them, I have too many to count. All mine have NC1 or BWA motors in them. Some I have replaced the wheels with Cartrix metal wheels or BRM wheels.
              They are top fun to run and race.
              Dangermouse to the rescue.


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                I've always found the Cartrix offerings just cool as can be. The prototype 50s GP cars were very interesting cars. As well, the GP racing scene of the 1950s was fascinating.

                Like others, I stumble at tying up that much $$ per car. First, there's the initial price of the car, then the addition of an NC-1/etc. With a completed car well into $200+ range for one car... well... I could (and have!) purchase a pile of Carrera '57's, or D132 Nascar Classics!

                Still, though, the Cartix "Cool Factor" is through the roof.

                Andre Ming
                Poteau, OK


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                  Pretty neat cars Harry.


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                    I have a few of these and on my road course with it's long swooping curves I like them best with an 18K motor. The slim line cans I'll replace with an 18K minnow and the C130 cans with an 18K H&R Hawk. Click image for larger version

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                      Just curious, why is everyone changing the motors, are the originals too powerful for the scale or too underpowered?


                      • Mitch58
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                        Their slimline motors were much hotter than the large cans so in my case I was just leveling the playing field.

                        On my road course 18K feels about perfect to me for most cars.

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                      It's just personal preference. Cartrix mixed a few motors that were ok, but spares were limited. So we just chose motors we could get locally.