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New cars fir my birthday

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  • New cars fir my birthday

    Got some new cars for my birthday, super happy for me! My wife surprised me with the scalex start F1 cars, neat little simple cars. I surprised me with the NSR, my first fast type of car. Big surprise, on my short track the F1 start cars beat the NSR! Lol, haven’t done any tuning to it yet so that won’t last long I don’t think. Next step, remove the magnets from NSR and play with tuning.

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    Once you get it sorted out, you’ll love the Corvette . Just started working on mine, also an early birthday present to myself. Great little car
    Mike V.
    Western North Carolina


    • Michael Squier
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      I do love it, I removed the magnet and fir me it’s better already. After a small bit of testing it’s already my track record holder. Nearly as fast as with the magnets but I just like the way it drives better. Had a little mishap and already busted the wing, oops.