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Scaley tire selection.. what should I do?

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  • Scaley tire selection.. what should I do?

    I have a couple older Scalextric T/A cars ( couple camaros, and a mustang) and the the tires are flat spotted and dry. A new track just opened up local to me and they run 1/32 scale on wood with no prep. The track doesn't have any rules regarding tires, but everyone is running stock rubber. Should I try to find replacement stock tires for my cars, or take a chance and swap over to something like a silicone or urethane and hope it doesn't ruin what traction they already have?

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    The stock tires on newer Scalextric (and Pioneer) cars are better than they used to be. If yours's are flat spotted I assume they are older, so I'd suggest upgrading to either urethane or Silicone. All my 50 Trans Am cars have Paul Gage urethane tires that I'm very pleased with. Silicones work best on a smooth and clean track, urethanes are more forgiving and can be easily sanded. I actually prefer XPG tires which are softer and more flexible (easier to mount).

    Do yourself a favor and invest in some PGT or XPG urethan tires, sand them to get a smooth contact patch, then clean with lighter fluid and go racing. Scalextric Trans Am cars (except newer Javelin and 'Cuda models) take size 21104.


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      Some of the newer Scalextric cars will take NSR 5209 ultra tires. They are way better on wood tracks then silicone or urethane. On cars like the Mustang you might not be able to get the NSR tires to fit as wheel diameters are slightly too small.


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        I'm leaning towards PGT but is there any truth to the rumor about silicones and urethanes cleaning the rubber off the track or possibly leaving residue on it?


        • War Eagle River
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          Paul Gage tires are your best bet on stock Scaley wheels. Will not bugger up a rubbered in track.

        • slothead
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          If you start racing on the track with Scalextric Trans Am cars with PG tires I bet after a short while everyone would be using them. Although you might be able to find some NSR tires that will fit, I don't think NSR makes any tires for Scalextric wheels. At $5 a pair PG tires are a worthwhile and needed upgrade for nonmagnet racing.

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        Well, this just took an interesting turn. Seems this track just started stocking PGT tires and will let some classes run them. As my friend Hannibal says.. " I love it when a plan comes together"