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IHSR Club is back up and running!!!

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  • IHSR Club is back up and running!!!

    The Interstate Home Slot Racing club (IHSR), founded circa 1994, is coming back to life in the mid-atlantic states following the black plague. We have a schedule for 2021 to 2022...a bit less than normal, but we're racing none the less.

    Always looking for new members. This is about as laid back of a club as you'll find. We take racing seriously, but not too much so. Our seasons dont track earned points or declare champions. We just meet every few weeks at routed home layouts in Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia.

    Our next race is Saturday, 10/23 in Chambersburg, Pa. Typical race day is track open @ 8 am or so. Bench racing and practice until 10, then the first of 4 classes run. Factoring a pizza lunch, most of the time things wind up around 3 pm.

    Rules and schedule can be found here:

    If you've any interest, please come, even without class legal cars. There are always legal loaners available.

    If you've any questions about next Saturday's race, or anything about IHSR, please contact me at [email protected]

    BTW, we DO
    require masks and social distancing.
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