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  • Scale Car Garage - Unboxing - Future Projects

    Please join me as I unbox future projects here at Scale Car Garage!

    Any and all comments are more than welcomed!


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    Well a bird bird bird bird is the word...........
    Hey John , hope you dive into the tbird first, as I have about 5 setting on the shelf. I am anxious to see how you apply your skills to the project. Nice video, and thank you
    Eric Foster
    Port Republic Va


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      Very nice John. I "liked" and commented on YouTube.


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        Eric, the T-Bird looks like such a nicely detailed yet straightforward kit!

        I'm wrestling with the options of creating a 'street car' or should it be a racing car?!? Thanks so much for watching, posting and subscribing!

        Pete, thanks so much for your support! I really appreciate you watching, commenting, posting and subscribing!

        Thanks so much!


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          Build up the 1/32 like that Square-bird that has been winning at the Goodwood events (this year and recent years).

          Here is 2 minutes 44 seconds of inspiration:

          When they were equipped with the optional 430 cid MEL they were pretty fast. Everyone sort of hates the square birds and thinks Ford blundered because they replaced the classic two-seat '55-57s, but in reality they sold many more of the big birds than they ever did of the two-seaters. Anyway it is fun to watch the big bird mixing it up with the little European sport cars.

          So, a 1/6 Batmobile would be cool, but don't cut up the "Crusader" car(s). It seems like too large a leap, since the bodyshell is just not that close to the Futura concept car *slash* Barris Batmobile. The Crusader is more 60s, and the Futura is more 50s.

          There is something there though. I have always admired the big clay styling studies from the actual design studios of the big three (and independents) - something like a big 1/6 or 1/4 legit styling concept model would be very very cool to have in the office for display. It would make for a great hobby project - a realistic styling clay, cast in resin or something.

          Anyway, if you need to have the 1/6 Batmobile just go to 3d printing, making up the various parts of the shell and assemble. It will be faster and will likely yield a better result than modifying that rare "Crusader" car.

          Maybe turn the Crusader into a replica/copy of a real concept car from the early 60s - possibly reaseach will turn up a candidate. As it is now, it almost plausibly seems like a study for a 64-65 full size Pontiac or Ford. Find something real and if it's obscure it's almost better, then see what you can do. If I came across it, and didn't know better, and it had a label that said it was a styling study for the new '64 Catalina - I would probably believe that.

          Anyway the Crusader is a great toy begging to be updated with modern inexpensive Radio Control guts - maybe go that way - maybe add a boat trailer with a 1/6 scale RC speedboat of the era, or a car trailer with a 1/6 scale formula vee race car of the era. That would be a very impressive set .



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            Hi John
            Thats a great video! I dont ever recall the Crusader 101, but my brother and I each had the Johnny Express "remote control" truck. The Johnny Express truck has the same remote control system, and even the same wheel jack as the Crusader (and similar tan coloured plastic driver figure), so I assume they were made by the same company. I had a lot of fun as a small boy "driving" my Johnny Express and loading and unloading it with fork lift and conveyor. My dream accessory was the Troop Carrier, but that was quite expensive back in the day, so I never got it as a gift! I'm still disappointed....haha. Some great nostalgia here....thanks for sharing. RvE
            Toronto, Ontario


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              Thanks so much for the great posts!

              Vintage 1/24, great suggestion for the T-Bird! You're absolutely correct, the 'square' Bird out sold the two seater by a wide margin!

              I'm so pleased that you like the Crusader 101!

              I have 'resto-modded' one already as chronicled in these You Tube Videos:

              And the resulting advertisement (parody) for the car:

              The two 'Crusader 101' cars were purchased as basket cases, which is why they were reasonable priced, so I thought I would give making a '66 Batmobile a try!

              RvE what a great story about the 'Johnny Express' truck! They were absolutely great fun, and yes, it was made by "Topper Toys" which began it's life as the "DeLuxe Reading" company that made the Crusader 101 which is why the jack and wheel "lugs" are the same for both vehicles!

              Thanks so much for watching, posting and subscribing, I really appreciate it!


              • RvE
                RvE commented
                Editing a comment
                John - I see the Johnny Express made it to your video 'Toys I always wanted'. I was in the same boat as you....always wanting the great toys that were too expensive for my parents to afford. I can see your attraction to rebuilding these toys now that you can afford them. That said, your restoration work on these toys is a big undertaking. Nostalgia is a great motivator! Thanks for sharing the memories.