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Racing in Framingham, MA with @Billy boy

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  • Racing in Framingham, MA with @Billy boy

    Was a new guest for this casual monthly meetup. Billy boy has a 18' by... I'm guessing 8' wood-routed track, 4 lanes. We raced IROC Group C and a mix of RevoSlots. Bill was a very kind host and I apologize for the mirror and spoiler mishaps... (lolz).

    Click image for larger version  Name:	AM-JKLXUxz75_PmHh1-UPmhheEUuHR5oZXb9Z3v1AZb8WoiNpKGBd33Ngk9F8SqYc3wXnxSQiD9m9gOQxn3126M1y2MvfK1cTFs5BIxI9LzTPzx8-LeDcp0sHG5Y1sHumuMaWmRvJvRxl2lOqX1qeMzbsOoe=w1306-h979-no.jpg Views:	44 Size:	301.8 KB ID:	125186

    Met a bunch of good guys, some of whom are household names in the HO scene, although last night was all about 1/32. Since I'm a Carrera Digital racer at home, I got to see a lot of exotic hardware...

    Click image for larger version  Name:	AM-JKLVFXjiVlxX3FOdSEdH8t1ykk0YbN_LKeDE1dkx7HOdPhXr2TFeLaGM9eta6m7NvOoJu78AaqQGnaPHL8u1Ghtndw1HeEVgnlkv6jUfO3_6HpK-d5TfJPe0UIO6hdY_tvurw9FNO8yOicSB_P526pBbI=w973-h1297-no?authuser=0.jpg Views:	47 Size:	198.5 KB ID:	125184Click image for larger version  Name:	AM-JKLVVuUXV4OLlmpaTp0lAi-mpRYfvwMhddvVAVtAPyIaAcwuK6TIWkYTp3-j8ziVBRVpKFMfwzr4zM7BpMSXpcx1DtW8eMDFkXAxFixWTh-uIKHvJ8zNGGg9iDVrHyiZDcmMr8Y7yB2ihUb9HOQELv0-0=w735-h979-no.jpg Views:	46 Size:	101.7 KB ID:	125185
    Appears to be some sort of ray-gun, but it also works for making slot cars move.

    Here's a few video clips of the action. I didn't want to be super invasive, but it's fun to see what the track (and drivers) are capable of...
    Video - Google Photos

    Video - Google Photos

    Thanks again Bill, I'll have to have you down to Attleboro to see what Digital is all about soon.

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    Looks like a good time!


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      Rick, It was really fun racing with ya last night! Hope you enjoyed the bashing (in a fun way) from all of us. I had a great time as usual and hope you did too!
      John S.
      Fitchburg, MA


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        that was a good time,im still gluing car parts back onwill definitely come by to check out digital racing
        bill ,framingham ma


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          Rex, good videos you posted. It gives someone like me a perspective of what the entire track layout is. Billy's wasn't there when I last lived in Framingham. Rex, I have relatives living in North Attleboro too.


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            That's a nice track!
            Bet you have to be on your toes going through those squeezes.

            Do you know who's that smiling fella is in the first picture?