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NSR vs Scaleauto C7R Corvettes

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  • NSR vs Scaleauto C7R Corvettes

    Looking for opinions here, which one of these is better and why? I don’t have any experience with the faster pod chassis cars and really would like to get one. I’m leaning toward the Scaleauto but not really sure why. Both look pretty good. Thanks for any input. I have seen that Scaleauto has a new RS version that looks great but nobody has it yet.

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    I haven't yet tuned a ScaleAuto C7R, but I think it is the better looking car. It has crisper body lines and a killer wide stance. You won't be disappointed by the performance of the NSR, but there were several dominant ScaleAuto C7Rs in the last GT3 proxy.
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      I have both, one version of the Scaleauto slotcar is intended for the home track crowd (non commercial) and has a slightly milder motor and no separate motor pod. Mine is the full race issue. Between it and the NSR it's just about a dead heat. In the hands of a skilled driver either can win. Looks wise I agree that the scaleauto version is a little more attractive.


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        The ScaleAuto C7R is a very nice car for the money. But... it has plastic front wheels which may not be true, the guide unit needs to be replaced and has come with different motors over the years. The one I got had a motor I felt was a little weak. It is a little heavier than the either NSR, but performs well. The NSR comes in two versions, sidewinder and anglewinder. The sidewinder has the small can 25k motor, the anglewinder has the long can 21.5k motor that has 350gr of torque, very hard to beat. The sidewinder handles a little easier because it weighs less. NSR anglewinders are the fastest cars on my track.


        • Michael Squier
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          I noticed the plastic fronts on Scaleauto cars. The new RS versions will have alloys all around.

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        Not much between the two,..that said the Scaleautos have been the choice for the recent GT proxies. As with most of the cars from the better manufacturers, it is how they are tuned that will make the difference.

        If you are racing on plastic, an anglewinder with a longcan motor is likely the wise choice, while if you are racing on wood, the FC-130 motored cars in a sidewinder configuration are by far the better choice.

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        • Michael Squier
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          Thanks for the advise. What’s the reason for an ankle wonder set up? I assumed it was to fit a bigger more powerful motor but your suggestion to use it on plastic track makes me think I am wrong.
          I like the geometry of a sidewinder better.

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          anglewinder and long can on plastic track you get down force from the magnet force from the motor,

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        I personally am a fan of the Scaleauto with the in-flex chassis as I have one I'm sending to the GT3 Proxy and it's fast with a bunch of swaps and tuning. I also built an NSR Porsche 997 for the NSR 997 Proxy. It was far more problematic with multiple broken guide holders and guides. These problems were as a result of my guide choice. However my Scaleauto has been bulletproof and fast so far. Bear in mind this from a tuning newbie. I'm also looking at picking up a couple of the Scaleauto RS cars once available. I expect they'll be really fast and save some time on mods. So far I'm a sidewinder guy as I haven't built a fast anglewinder YET! That may come as Chrisguyw has proven they can be really fast.
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        • Kevan
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          Stick with SW...they're quicker and smoother

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        I think the track, tires and controller make a big difference. I started with a small routed track, rubber and urethane tires and 30 ohm controllers. I now have a longer routed track, silicone tires and DiFalco controllers. It changed how the cars work a lot.


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          In the 10 years we have run the Michigan 24 hour race I only recall 1 NSR Corvette. We have had quite a few Moslers though. We actually won the race with a Scaleauto Corvette. They are far more tunable in my opinion. That NSR is no slouch in it's own right. We are getting ready to run the NSR nationals this coming weekend and a C7 Corvette is one of the fastest modern GT cars I have seen so far. Who knows what will happen come race day though.
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            Cracks me up every time I see this which one is better stuff. And then folks actually make a claim.
            There is no definitive answer to the question proposed.
            Too many variables.
            What kind of track?
            What set ups?
            What tires?
            What controllers?
            Driver abilities?
            The list goes on…

            So, what folks should do is try things out for themselves. Because that is the only way to know what works for you. Then if you need some tips, ask away. I’m sure you will get a plethora of how to’s. Of course that will be what works for them, maybe not for you.
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            • Michael Squier
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              And that’s why I said I was looking for opinions, not definitive answers. My final take from all the replies is that they are both good tunable cars, Scaleauto might be a bit better on body detail. For me it was helpful. I’ll let you know if I get one.

            • War Eagle River
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              You know what they say about opinions…

            • SlotCat
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              Agreed and I also now run the car that I like the looks of best....makes me happy and everyone racing the lowest, most smooshed down car just to be fastest is boring!

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            They are both fun and both fast in the right hands. If you check some 'take a picture Tuesday' you'll see I've got both and then some.

            I'll probably get more C7.Rs!! Oh, wait, I just did...a project is coming
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            • Michael Squier
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              I guess the final answer here is get one of each, can never have enough Corvettes. Now if one of these pod car makers will make a C8 I think a lot of us would be happy.