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  • Sideways BMW M6 Jagermeister

    When sideways brought out the BMW M6 I figured I would eventually get one so now that I have a steady part time job I jumped on the Jager livery. Other than a couple of minor adjustments that were needed (the motor mount screw was loose and the gear mesh needed adjustment) the car ran great. It has NSR tires on it and they actually gripped the track as good as PG tires. I got the less expensive Carrera M6 a while back and side by side the only external difference I noticed was ride height. The Carrera M6 is also significantly heavier. Needless to say they won't be competing with each other. Here are some images. Click image for larger version

Name:	BMW M6 Jager 003.jpg
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Name:	Sideways Carrera BMW M6 02.jpg
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