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Simpler Tire Truing - Slideways Shifter

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  • Simpler Tire Truing - Slideways Shifter

    I figured there had to be a simpler way to oscillate the sanding plate used in several similar tire truing stations. Turns out there is. I have used a cam driven by a small gearmotor. My tire truer is by Professor Motor, but it looks like several others on the market.

    Here is a video.

    This is only the first prototype, but it is pretty close to something I could sell. I've one or two features I want to work on. Any interest?

    Ed Bianchi
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    That's pretty clever.


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      Very nice Ed!


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        From the white dust I'm guessing the tires are urethane.
        How about trying that with some NSR evo ultras?


        • HO RacePro
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          I have experimented with wet sanding gummy, sticky tires. Water with a little Dawn brand dish soap to make it extra slick. (Love that cute baby duck!) Works very well at slow speeds. I haven't tried it on my Professor Motor setup. Can I slow it down enough not to make a mess? TBD.

          Two advantages to wet sanding. It eliminates stick/slip by providing lubrication. And it keeps the tires cool which prevents thermal expansion and softening. Downside, it takes longer to get the tires true. But I may have a work-around for that...
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        I like it. How do you attach the side bracket to the sliding tire truer plate?
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        • HO RacePro
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          The side bracket -- what I call the cam track -- is just superglued in place. One possible mod would be to make it removable. Shouldn't be hard.

          Ed Bianchi

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        Pretty slick Ed. I like simple.


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          On the video, it looks like the left side is lifting up sometimes?



          • OXO cube
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            the grinding plate lifting slightly was a problem i encountered with my reciprocating arm design , the quick solution was to keep the arm / plate connection very loose , although a different solution would be needed for this cam design

          • HO RacePro
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            I saw that too. Turns out it was not a lift, but a twist. I have a photo, but I can't post it here. See my latest post.
            Ed Bianchi

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          I'm interested, Ed. Let us know what the estimated cost will be, and we can evaluate the purchase.
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            Another Slicker than Snot innovation...Awesome ED!!!!!!
            TOM...HOME RACING GOO GOO!!!
            Warren, Ohio


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              HKSK25 saw what he thought was a lift of the sanding plate in my video. I saw that too, after posting that video here and watching it number of times. (I do that.)

              But the sanding plate does stay flat, even without any tire loading. That was something I carefully checked because I was concerned the vertical drag of the cam on the cam track might cause just that kind of a lift. But there isn't anything like enough drag to do that.

              What looked like a lift was actually a twist. See below. There is enough clearance between the cam and the cam track to allow that twist. The fact the force driving the sanding plate's motion is off-center will tend to create that twist.

              Ed Bianchi

              Click image for larger version  Name:	Twist.jpeg Views:	1 Size:	360.9 KB ID:	123932
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                Ah, yes. What would it cost?

                Suitable gearmotors -- best price I can find today -- cost US$8.49. It's possible I could get them cheaper, especially purchased in quantity. But the price of the gearmotor will be a big factor.

                (Yes there are much cheaper gearmotors on eBay, but I can't find them in the right voltage and speed range. Irritating.)

                The price of the printed parts, the battery clip, plus assembly labor -- heck -- hard to put a number on it right now. I'll just say US$20.00.

                So, adding it up, call it US$28.49, plus US$7.50 packing and shipping. Ka-ching... US$35.99 delivered inside the USA. Battery not included.

                Or US$12.50 packing and shipping for international orders (anywhere in the world!) US$40.99.

                It adds up, I know. But I've learned that people will pay for stuff they really want. It has surprised me at times.

                Any interest?

                Ed Bianchi
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                • arroldn
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                  How do we order one?

                • waaytoomuchintothis
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                  Yep. I want it.

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                I also noticed that apparent lift, I'm glad to see that it won't be a problem.


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                  Is it because of a large variation in tyre sizes that the l/h tyre is not getting sanded or is is the tyre razor?

                  I have stopped trying to sand two wheels at once on my razor and find that no matter how much time is taken to ensure
                  correct height it still works best to do one at a time on the same side. Neat idea though, even for one a a time 😄

                  The killer for us down the bottom of the world is the outrageous US postal charges - at one time this would all go in a padded
                  bag and cost $14. Main reason I no longer buy on Ebay, but Amazon can still post cheaper and faster. Go figure.

                  All the best.


                  • WB2
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                    I do both tires at the same time on my Razor. When one gets to the desired size or trueness, I make note of where the knob is (using the indentations). I then back the knob off one notch, remove and flip axle, reinsert axle, then true to where I had previously stopped. Both tires come out very close if not exactly the same diameter.

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                  How to order? Find instructions on this webpage. For prices see above.


                  I'm way overdue updating my website. I'm just not up to speed on web page and website creation.

                  And G34, you should note my international packing and shipping charge is US$12.50. That's AU$17.33, anywhere in the world, any size order.

                  I have made shipments to Oz and New Zealand. Still no orders from Antarctica.

                  I apologize that US shipping has become so expensive. Our Postmaster General is a relic of the Trump Administration. He has been very busy making himself unpopular. Stay tuned.

                  Ed Bianchi
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                  Thanks for the replies Ed and WB2, and to SCC re the suspension of post. Just what I didn't need to read!


                  • Wobble
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                    And that makes 2 of us....."re the suspension of post" bit