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  • Wrong Carrera Pickups

    I hope I can successfully add just one photo to this : I ordered pickup braids (set of 5 pairs) for my Carrera Evolution cars, which arrived today. Have never seen a Carrera pickup "shoe", that looks like these. I tried gently shaping them almost right, only to discover that they are too wide, to fit into the pickup slots ! Anyone know of a Carrera "different" style pickup ? I'll try to add my photo, which shows the new pickups, and a "standard" Carrera pickup, on the right.

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    Hi Hotrod,
    Those brushes are for pre digital ready Carrera Evolution cars and are part number Carrera 26362.
    The ones you need are Carrera 20365 which are for all the newer Carrera Evolution and Digital cars.



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      Thank you : I really hate to have to wait another week for the correct ones to get here, but now I know what I need to know.

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    Another option might be to put new braids in the brass bases you already have. If you open along the join with a small skinny screw driver the braids pull out easily. Then cut and slide your new braids in and squeeze closed with pliers. A meter roll of braid mightn't cost a lot more than replacement braids and take a lot longer to get through.