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thunderslot t70 spyder kit

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  • thunderslot t70 spyder kit

    So my plan was to swap out the coup body and mount the Spyder body .to my surprise and horror the rear body mount screw is to long and pushed through the painted body. nothing a little work and a decal will not cover but is there a spacer or different size rear screw. that is used. went through all the spare parts in the kit and see nothing that would be used as such. I see that the rear body post is half of what is on the coup....
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    There is a spacer on the coupe. Fab it out of styrene tube.


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      There should be a transmission case which looks like a half cylinder with fins it fits back there in between the chassis and the body. If it’s not used the screw will appear to be too long, I did the same thing. And you both just gave me a great idea for Can Am 2022……thank you.
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        ok so that what that is thanks

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      good to know as I'm intending to do the same kit swap ( Spyder onto coupe chassis) once the new stock of body kits arrive