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    I need to remove the wheels off of a Pro-Track Spyder 1/32 chassis. When chassis arrived, it's running in the wrong direction. Need to flip the axle around, but you have to remove the aluminum wheels. I've been everywhere and bought individual allen wrenches, and a set, which includes SAE and Metric sizes. Smallest ANYONE has, is 0.015 metric. Too big. All of my Slot It wrenches are 0.09, and quite a bit too small. I suspect it is 0.013, but no one has that, and it'll take a week to get to me if I have to order one online. And it still may be the wrong size. Does anyone know what size Allen wrench, Pro-Track aluminum wheels, on the Spyder 1/32 Chassis, uses ? Or a Good Hack, to unscrew the set screws ??

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    Not 100% positive, but most likely a 4-40 set screw that uses a .050 Allen wrench


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      .050 maybe. Did you try switching the wires and see what happens.
      bill ,framingham ma


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        Can't you just switch the lead wires around!


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          Thanks, hobbyists : that size 4-40, & .050 wrench, makes sense to me. Also, I seriously considered switching the lead wires, but on some brands of cars, that's a pain, at the guide end. So I decided I didn't want to solder at the motor end, on this brand new car, and would just flip the axle over. Rastas caused me to really Look, at the leads on the guide ! On this chassis, It's Super Easy, to switch ! But I've still gotta get a couple of those correct wrenches, as they'll be needed at some point ! Again : Thanks, guys, and This Forum Is Great !!