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NSR Mercedes AMG GT3 build and setup for the NorCal Challenge Race

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  • NSR Mercedes AMG GT3 build and setup for the NorCal Challenge Race

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    Another great video Jim! Your videos are well made. Good lighting and camera angles make it easy to see what's going on. And your voice is calm and clear.I appreciate the work you're putting into these projects.
    Team SCANC
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      very clear and informative video. Thank you.


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        Hi Jim, The Sloting plus axle tube is likely the best method of eliminating independent flexing of the axle uprights on the NSR motor pods. While wire/brass braces do work, the plastic on the NSR pods, is not very accepting of most epoxies/CA glues.......the plastic on T.Slot/Slot-it pods works much better with these glues.

        You do not show it in your video, but, it is a good idea to use machine screws to hold the motor in place, as well a a touch of glue on the endbell end.

        You also may want to try using some Silicone/Urethane washers both above and below the pod lugs.

        Chris Walker

        Click image for larger version

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          I would like to try the Sloting Plus tube, but I've never seen them for sale. Every place that lists them has them backordered. I usually use screws on the motor, but because of the eccentric bushings it was more practical to glue the motor in place. Never thought I needed silicon washers, but I will give it a try.

        • chrisguyw
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          Jim SCC sells the SPlus axle tubes......they come in 3 different lengths,...measure the distance to the centerline of each of the axle uprights......the NSR sidewinder pods take a 31.6mm tube.

          PS I do not think that you will find many of the more experienced slotters using the eccentric bushings.......and any time you are installing/gluing/aligning bushings,..always install the motor first !!. The motor can deflect the motor box when installed, and any minute deflection can throw your nicely glued in bushings out of alignment.

          The silicone washers made by MRSlotcar are currently the best available, and are used between the pod lugs, and also are very useful between the chassis plate and the body will need to trim the body post a touch to retain the ride height.

        • r377
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          So clean i could eat off it ! even your lead weight is cut perfect

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        Your chassis is a piece of art Chris. Wish I knew how to get my rear tire to look like that.
        "Nothing is foolproof to a sufficiently talented fool."

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          Lighter Fluid