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Yes! Fresh Carrera Classic NASCARS!

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  • Yes! Fresh Carrera Classic NASCARS!

    Finally...and job well done!

    Click image for larger version

Name:	hamilton1.jpg
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    Click image for larger version

Name:	hylton1.jpg
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    Click image for larger version

Name:	nelson1.jpg
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    Hard to pick a favorite. Just very happy we have them. Especially the USAC Nelson ride.


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    Beautiful. I have only seen digital available so far.


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    I preordered the #1 Pete Hamilton Roadrunner back in April and am looking forward to LEB letting me know they're ready to ship. And, even though I have a #48 James Hylton Mercury Cyclone I built using a Proxie body on a Pioneer Chassis I'm going to get the #48 (Hylton?) Torino too.

    Though generally more expensive it's been good to have some Revell-Monogram classic stock cars be up for sale on HRW recently too.
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      Yes these are digital. Analog coming very soon. I have the analog on pre-order but I have been getting doubles anyway.


      • dge467
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        Great! Thanks.

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      nice looking cars,


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        For whatever reason Carrera cars don't seem to be a big thing here in New Zealand. Not sure what the reason is but anyway I went snooping around Pendles website and instead of finding the cars at the top of the page, I found one of these which I missed when they were being handed out so it's on its way here.

        Click image for larger version

Name:	carrera plymouth roadrunner.jpg
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        CHCH NZ


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          Mighty fine choice. Ramo passed away a few days ago sadly. Around these parts he was one of many legends that teared up the ovals, from dirt to asphalt. This particular car you have chosen is unique in it's own right. Not allowed to use the nose and wing at the race venue he appeared at, some "adjustments" were made for the car to be legal.

          Click image for larger version  Name:	060770 Ramo.png Views:	1 Size:	255.2 KB ID:	116758

          And so this is not a NASCAR. It's and ARCA model. The fact that Carrera did it still makes me do the "Bird walk" in my head. But glad they did.


          • slothead
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            I got the Ramo Scott car from LEB when they got it back in stock in the spring. That's when I preordered the #1 Pete Hamilton Roadrunner. So nice these body styles and liveries are still in production.

            Regarding the #48 Torino Talladega, what is the driver's name on the roof?

          • Wobble
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            Thanks for joining the dots for me Harry. I figured this car was in some way related to the Superbird but totally unaware it was the same car with its feathers missing. Great looker either way and wrapped one is heading my way.

          • 32lbking
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            Pretty cool story. I enjoyed it.

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          I missed the line about Ramo passing away. The announcer at today’s DuQuoin USAC race mentioned it.
          From the obituary: “Please wear your colorful apparel, Race shirts, Hawaiian shirts and favorite hat.” Perhaps we should do that when we run his cars.


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            When but a lad, we (family and I) sat in the large grandstands at the Missouri State Fair track in Sedalia, MO and watched Ramo Stott race. He won as I recall. (But I don't recall if it was a heat w/feature type format, or only one race with a lot of laps.) I remember that odd name, but I don't remember a lot about his car except it was colorful (I do recall some white and some red) and NEW looking compared to the typical dirt track cars my parents and I watched at Riverside Stadium in Riverside MO. Ramo's car might have been like the one pictured, for it would have been the mid-late 60s.

            I also got to see sprint cars earlier that day. They were running as we were walking by the track on our way somewhere. I wanted to go up and peer over the guardrail to see the action. Of course, the parents were adamant: No way! However, a nearby Security Guard offered to take me up and let me see the cars when they were on the other side of big dirt oval. To that my parents agreed. We (Security Guard and I) climbed the embankment, and after the pack would roar by, we'd peek up over the guard rail and watch them around the opposite end of the track, as they neared, we'd duck again. The mud clods would spray over our heads! We did this for several laps, then he led me back down the embankment to my waiting parents. Obviously, I've never forgotten it.

            Imagine that happening now? Imagine what would happen to such a Security Guard that dared do that now?

            Different times.

            Somehow I survived childhood without all the bicycle protection, nanny oversight of today, etc, and 69 years later, here I am fit as a fiddle and still loving life.

            Speaking of Riverside Stadium: My folks enjoyed a bit of dirt racing every now and then. I've watched stock cars battling it out in oval and figure 8 racing at Riverside Stadium many times, as well as super modified cars at Lakeside Speedway. One regular character at Riverside was "Flywheel" Bellinghausen. At the time, grade school chum Donnie Napper and I thought Flywheel hung the moon.

            Andre Ming
            Poteau, OK