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  • 4WD cars?

    I am always interested in finding new things, new to me anyway. I just came across info about 4WD cars and was wondering how they perform. Any opinions?

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    I think they're mainly for the RAID courses - to compete with the likes of what Mitoos makes. I would imagine it's a Good RAID car compared to the very expensive Great Mitoos chassis. I can't imagine running them on a regular road course like I and many others have.
    It'd be interesting to see and hear about them.


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      SlotIt Raid cars? when did they make those? Audi R18 e-tron 4WD on the other hand...slower than RWD LMPs...good luck with it
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        Yep had same results. Even swapped 4wd parts onto a well tuned lola lmp and was a good second slower with the 4we parts. Nothing I did made it any faster.
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          Thanks. That's pretty much what I figured. I recall some 4WD 1/24th cars way back in the 60s that had a similar performance disadvantage.


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            I have a Audi e-tron 4WD that performs very good on a tight and twisted coarse. It took a while for the front bearings to loosen up. I drive with a smooth not choppy throttle. The front wheel assemblies have one way hubs, that lock up only under power. It may not be the fastest car, but I do enjoy it when I can out corner some of the faster guys. Oh, I run with Silicone tires on the front and back. It also will pull well around some wide sweeping turns.

            Jim W
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