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  • Thunderslot McLaren

    Thinking about adding another Thunderslot McLaren to my Penske Sunoco one and looked at the Car 54 Auto World livery.
    Click image for larger version  Name:	D0B4DCBA-CD67-4EE9-8B7C-4154202D0C23.jpeg Views:	8 Size:	77.7 KB ID:	108827

    A nice tribute to the late Oscar Koveleski, but I think they missed a great opportunity with this car. I have a fond memory of the slot car track livery seen here.
    Click image for larger version  Name:	2105EBA5-0E07-4DA2-9EAC-BBE771ABADAB.jpeg Views:	8 Size:	11.2 KB ID:	108826 Click image for larger version  Name:	796373C1-7509-43BD-8F94-0DEFEFF984B8.jpeg Views:	8 Size:	12.7 KB ID:	108828

    But I guess this a later version, an M8? He was such a booster of the hobby it would be fun to recognize his humorous promotion. I also remember his Polish Racing Drivers Association 😄.
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    Yep, an M8B. MG Vanquish offered it in a larger scale.
    Some work to remove the rear sideplates and wing, then add the rear spoiler, and you could probably make a Slot.It M8D look pretty close.