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1/32 Porsche 356 B by Kinsmart

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  • 1/32 Porsche 356 B by Kinsmart

    If I could only cast slot car bodies. If there was JUST some sort of tutorial online that I could watch. *Sigh*

    I am not sure this car is actually 1/32. But whatever.

    Click image for larger version

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    Click image for larger version

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    Why doesn't my car run like that?


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    Yes it is a very inexpensive toy with enough detail for a slot car - it is pretty nice.

    I feel it is close to 1/32 scale, and is manufactured as such. They make other cars and they vary in scale, but scales are usually marked on the underside - this one says "1/32".

    I made up a chassis for one as die-cast conversion - but didn't quite finish it because I had some changes in mind.

    I will do a thread on it when I get it running properly (running properly for a die-cast conversion).

    But yeah, slap little chassis under it.



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      maybe you know, Kitmen from Scale Car Garage has a video on the whole process from making silicon rubber mold to making the resin parts. I think it was on a porsche 356.
      they are installments and you can speed thru to the parts that intrst you.

      pt 5
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        I have that car and was planning on doing a mold of it, then I got my 3D printer. I was able to obtain a 3d file for this car, so the whole molding process came to a halt.

        This car is slightly smaller then 1/32. Most of this series is 1/38 scale cars, but as this Porsche was a small car the undersize of it is not that noticeable, until compared to a scale version of the same car. Without that side by side comparison it just blends in as a small porsche.

        G.P Alberta


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          These Kinsmart die-casts are done in different scales - big cars tend to be scaled smaller and small cars tend to be scaled bigger - they are priced cheaply and can be found as impulse buys near the check out counter as kids toys mostly.

          They do bother to print the scale on the bottom of the chassis and as far as this Porsche 356 goes - it is marked "1/32" and it is very very close to 1/32.

          The wheel base on the original car was 82.7 inches - multiplying by 1/32 gets you a wheel base of 2.58". I put my calipers to this toy and come up with 2.58" or maybe a 2.59" wheelbase.

          It looks good to my eye.

          Slap a chassis under it as is, or I guess with some work, it could be used to cast a resin body . . .



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            You are right about the scale. I bought a few different cars and they ranged in scale from 1/38- 1/32. This Porsche is 1/32 when I double checked

            G.P Alberta