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  • revo slot aftermarket guide

    at last nights races,we had two guides break. i looked around a bit after finding out sloting plus and slotit ch07 guides wont fit. does anyone know of a guide that fits? thanks,bill
    bill ,framingham ma

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    Scott.....War Eagle River......Tampa, Florida, USA


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      exellent information war eagle,ill share this with the club,thanks.

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    We have had the same problem during a local Proxy race. As Revoslot seems to be keeping their cars and parts proprietary, we have virtually no options. 3mm axles, ball bearing on all 4 corners, metal chassis, unique body mounting system, the guide flag mounting system where no other parts from other slot car companies parts work. When one of the racers contacted Alan at 132slotcars (the home of Revoslot/BRM in the USA) he suggested a BRM racing guide to replace the brittle ABS plastic guide. When installed, it pushed up the front end where the stock front wheels no longer touched the track. I hope the membership of this and other BBS find a decent replacement option or Revoslot BRM gives us another option. These seem to be very good cars and are being well received as a club car with lots of body options. As they mature as a product line I'm sure things like this will be addressed.
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      If you have a track or tires that provide less than optimum traction, the car tail will swing wide on corners and the stock guide does not have enough travel, so it binds... and breaks. The provided deep guide is more durable, but it won't stop the binding. I trim the frame opening around the guide and use the deep guide. It works great! If you are going to have Revo proxies, advise participants this change is allowed.


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        the over rotation with small guide is sounding like a major part of the problem.i changed mine to the deep guide after the stock one broke and havnt had a problem since.ill see if i can get the group to install deep guides for the next race and see what happens. thanks for all the info guys.
        bill ,framingham ma