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  • Help! 3D guys!

    Here's the thing... I am burning to get back on a project I have run into stone walls on in the past. Please, look at your resources and see if there is a body in 1/32nd of 1964 Pontiac Tempest Trans Am racecar- also called "The Gray Ghost". Herb Adams was the principal for this racer. I will pay you for a good body. This is going to be a full throttle, big deal project.

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    Sadly, I'd started the Ghost years ago and never completed it. I'll chat with my 3D buddy to see if he can do it. The flares are a PITA, and that is why I never finished it. It is also, a 1964 Tempest as previously stated, and the closest car was the old 1965 GTO - which meant the entire nose had to be properly changed for me to be happy with it.


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      NOW we're talkin'! Tell me what you find out. This is as close as I have come ever to getting this done. I can sculpt fender flares if needed. Thanks, David!


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        Hiya Gent's

        Did a quick search and found this low poly model
        Could easily add the flares.

        Click image for larger version  Name:	pontemp-001.JPG Views:	0 Size:	44.5 KB ID:	103897
        Click image for larger version  Name:	pontemp-002.JPG Views:	0 Size:	36.3 KB ID:	103898

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          That's what I need alright, but what is "low poly"? Is this a printable image? Is the printed object more detailed than this?


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            Think of a cube as a really, really, really low poly sphere.

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            OMG, I actually get it!

            *somewhere out there in "waaayovermyheadland" there is a 12 year old laughing his digital butt off at me. I just know it.

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          Hiya Waay,
          Low poly means the model is made up of a lower number of polygons which generally means, larger faceted faces making up the model.
          This means more sanding as fewer ridges are making up the curves. EG circle made of of 5 straight faces, compared to a circle with 100 straight faces.
          Should still print well and give enough detail to recognize the car shape.
          low and high polygon models
          Click image for larger version

Name:	poly pic.JPG
Views:	140
Size:	84.3 KB
ID:	103998



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            I understand. Unless you found a better one out there, I can work with this. Do you need photos to make the flares? Send me a PM about how much money. This is great. I never thought this would develop so quickly. This calls for a serious scratchbuilt chassis with lotsa features. Can't wait.


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              PM sent