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    A friend just asked (really) what brass pinion's to use on his Scalextric and Carrera in-line cars with the stock crown gears. I'm thinking Slot It but that would be a guess. What do people use?

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    I use and NSR, mostly because they are the brands most readily available.


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      Why do you want to put a metal gear against a plastic crown gear?


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        Any 5.5mm dia. pinion from Slot-it, NSR, MRslotcar, Scaleauto, Sloting plus etc. will work just fine......

        The manufacturer is of less importance than ensuring that the pinion is 5.5mm in dia. and 5. module pitch. (The 5.5mm dia. is required for inline cars using the motor shaft/groove in the Crown to maintain gear mesh).

        Chris Walker
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        • Bal r 14
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          I built one car with the motor and pinion set where it didn't used the groove in the crown gear. It didn't last long, maybe 20 minutes to chew up the crown gear. You definitely need that groove.

        • chrisguyw
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          Bal r 14,.......If you choose not to use the groove in the Crown boss to maintain the gear mesh, you must use spacers to limit the rear axle lateral play, and then set the mesh by moving the Crown laterally on the axle.

          This method does have some worthwhile benefits vs. using the groove in the Crown boss.

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        A person that races their cars would want to use a pinion gear that won't split or slip during a race. In addition you might want to change the gear ratio. For inline applications 5.5mm diameter pinions are used. Believe it or not when you use a brass pinion and a plastic crown gear it is the pinion that wears out first.


        • mattb
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          What rich said.
          On our 1/24 inline cars, the old Cox or Parma crowns last a long time if they are lubed and adjusted right. The brass pinions end up with deformed teeth after a lot of use and have to be pulled off and put on backwards to use new threads or they have to be replaced. The only plastic pinions I've used have split in half and fell out on the track. There might be better pinions than what Pro Motor sells.

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        Thanks everyone. Great info as always. I don't know why my friend is changing his gear but guessing he messed it up somehow?