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New Slot Car Club forming Ventura, CA

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  • New Slot Car Club forming Ventura, CA

    Thinking of forming a RTR slot car club in Ventura, CA area patterned after the Farrout Slotcar club in Glendale, CA. that I have been part of for over 15 years. I am trying to see if there is any interest. If so, I will build a track (Carrera) and set up a club.

    Please contact me if you are in the area and interested. We will use the same rules as the FarrOut Slot Car Club (FSCC Scale Model Racing), Glendale, CA. so we can compete at their races as well. That said, we might have a class or two they don't have.. Up to the group that joins.

    Cars will be Ninco-Scalextric-Fly-? No magnet, stock tire, mostly box stock

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    Here are the two proposed layouts. It will be 4 lane.


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      I have just moved to the area and would welcome some regular guys time with toy cars. Can you help. I live in Santa Barbara and any news of slot car enthusiasts and regular racing would be much appreciated.


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        Hi Daniel, nice to see you participating on HRW, hope life in CA is treating you well.

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      Chris great to hear from you and thank you for the welcome. I hope to build a track at home. There is a 16 foot by 10 foot room allocated. Will post some drawings soon for a bit of feed back on design thoughts.