So next week (Dec. 14th until about Dec. 20th) I'm traveling to the UK. We have the annual presentations of all the Hornby product lines, Hornby Trains, Airfix models, Scalextric slot cars, Corgi diecast... and more. We sit for 2 days listening to powerpoint presentations about what we will have for the next for each line of products. While I'm there I will be discussing with the Scalextric brand management team cars we are working on for 2021. Yes, we're already getting technical specs, decorations, packaging ideas, licensing ideas for more than a year ahead of time. There are a number of US-specific molds coming each of the next 2 years... 2020 will have more than one and 2021 is likely to have several as well. There's a new tank model I'm VERY excited about. I'm also an 1/35 model armor builder and since we've started making our own brand of 1/35 tank models it's very fulfilling to me to now be able to add to another hobby that I've loved since I was a kid too.
I am of course a slot racer at heart since I was about 3-4 years old. I did this drawing when I was maybe 5 or 6 years old.

Stay tuned!
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